What to see in Tenerife in 3 days

What to see in Tenerife in 3 days

Sometimes, most of the people wonder what to see in Tenerife in 3 days. The truth is that it’s an island of possibilities. Definitely,  Tenerife opens its arms to visitors with an almost infinite array of options, resources, its own exciting culture, unique history, bountiful gastronomy and… you don´t know where to begin.

What to see in Tenerife in 3 days?

On an island where you can spend the morning in snowy mountain terrain at the highest point in Spain. In addition, and be relaxing on the beach sunbathing in the afternoon, it´s well worth planning ahead.

The Teide

One of the most impressive features of Tenerife is the Teide. In fact, It’s not only the highest point in the Canary Islands but also in Spain, standing at 3,718 metres (12,198 feet) above sea level. To climb the volcano is a high difficulty. In fact, it’s a 10-kilometre route for some of the hardiest hikers, but there is also the cable car, picking you up at 2,356 metres and which is accessible by car or bus from Puerto de la Cruz (line 348) or Costa Adeje (line 342).

Additionally, this UNESCO World Heritage Site will certainly humble you, as you wander amongst an almost alien landscape, breathing pure, clean air, witnessing a wealth of fauna and flora, amongst a geological structure which is unique in the world. Be sure to wear suitable clothing, footwear and take water.

To make this a full day trip, check out our TEIDE & TENO, a trip of altitude.

Siam Park

Claiming to be the most spectacular water attraction in Europe, Siam Park is definitely worth a visit on your trip to Tenerife. The park boasts spectacular Thai theming on all of its buildings. Furthermore, it comprises the largest collection of Thai-themed buildings outside of Thailand. Situated in Adeje, the park takes advantage of the slope on which it is built for its spectacular attractions. It opens all year round, costs 28 euros for adults and 18 euros for children and has over 15 unique attractions.


The Country Park and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Anaga is one of the world’s unique sites of nature. In this area, you can visit the cosy hamlet of Taganana; the black volcanic beaches of Roque de las Bodegas; the magical forest of Laurisilva and see the traditions of an isolated society known for its hospitality to visitors.

In this area, you can also visit San Cristobal de La Laguna. Besides, it’s the only city in the Canary Islands that has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city boasts beautiful pedestrian streets, colonial origins, historical architecture, majestic palaces and aristocratic houses, with their courtyards and passages.

This incredible place is available for a one-day experience. If you still don’t know what to see in Tenerife in 3 days, check out ANAGA, valleys of nature and tradition.

Las Teresitas

Once a black-sand beach. Nowadays, Las Teresitas is beautifully restored with sand imported from the Sahara, giving it a unique and intriguing golden aspect. Also, It´s easily accessible by driving from Santa Cruz de Tenerife or by catching the 910 bus. In this area, you can find many excellent fish restaurants and enjoy the local cuisine. Check out the village of San Andrés, an old fishing village very close to the beach.

Orotava Valley

On the one hand, the north is characterised by palaces, bell towers, rich gastronomy, picturesque streets and the splendour of the past centuries. On the other hand, the valley itself will amaze you with its exception landscape of green slopes, banana plantations and attractive villages.

When visiting this area, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the ancient port at La Orotava. In fact, It’s known today as Puerto de la Cruz, and the port of Garachico. In addition, it’s well worth making a stop to try the Malvasia wine, which is highly regarded by European nobility.

Definitely, check out our tour of this area known as THE NORTH, a walk through villages and ports, where you can book online and be sure not to miss a single treasure of this wonderful area.

Still wondering what to see in Tenerife in 3 days? As you can see, there is no shortage of things to do, see, feel and even taste in Tenerife. So, we hope this short list has awoken your curiosity and will inspire you to make the most of this island’s treasures on your short trip.


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