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I´m Jaime Muñoz , founder and COE of Feel Tenerife® , a true lover of Tenerife and the Canary Islands because of its unique landscapes and its great cultural and natural diversity. I have wide experience in the tourism sector and extensive training, such as:

o Degree in Tourism, University of La Laguna
o Master in Tourism Management and Planning, University of La Laguna
o Canary Island Official Tour Guide (License Nº: 3069)
o Mountain Guide
o Interpreter in Sensitization and Environmental Education
o Certified Guide to practise in the Teide National Park

I feel a great passion for my profession and for Tenerife, and I love to deliver it to you!

After many years of involvement in the tourist sector, in 2014 I have created Feel Tenerife®. Project born from a professional passion for sustainable tourism and from the personal desire to provide visitors with a unique way to discover the island, away from the masses and through the eyes and knowledge of a local guide.

As a QUALIFIED TOUR GUIDE, I will take you on a journey full of sensations, to take you out to some of the least explored corners of the island and hidden spots found off the beaten track. You will be amazed to discover our green forests, the deep blue of the sea when seen from the most spectacular viewpoints, the beauty of our landscapes, the charming villages still holding onto their culture and traditions, the rich Canary Island gastronomy so full of flavours, and the prized local wines, etc. I´m really looking forward to bringing these sensations to you, and more!

I have designed different THEMED itineraries so that you can choose the ones you like most. In addition, I´m able to develop CUSTOMISED proposals for you, which give you the chance to establish your itineraries on demand, and pick and choose the places you would like to visit, following your personal interests.

My purpose is to create emotions and experiences that allow you to discover the authenticity of Tenerife in such a way that you will be the protagonist of your experience with me.

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My vehicle, your luxury electric vehicle in Tenerife.

I have my own vehicle so you can enjoy your private tour to the fullest. I am conscious of a sustainable tourism development model that is respectful of the Environment, being a pioneer in the offer of CO2 emission-free tours in the Canary Islands.

o 100% electric Mercedes EQV, charged with energy from renewable sources.
o 6 seats available (boosters for children and baby car seat on request).
o Luxury equipped and maximum comfort.
o Air conditioning, panoramic windows, individual and reclining seats, …
o Spacious boot equipped with sports equipment for hiking, first-aid kit and fridge.
o Capacity for a folding wheelchair.

For me, the most important part is YOU. I take care of everything to make sure you feel comfortable and safe. I want you to enjoy these experiences with me, and I expect you to take away the best memories of your stay in Tenerife

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